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Lead SWC Die, .357, 3/4-E FB
Lead SWC Die, .357, 3/4-E FB Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: LSWC-1-Hx_357
Price: $249.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Please Note: We only have 0 'Lead SWC Die, .357, 3/4-E FB' available now. You can adjust your order now, or try again later.
Optional Note:
There are some additional base and nose punches available for this .38 caliber/.357 Mag pistol swage die other than the 3/4-E flat base.

In stock are a limited number of hollow base punches, cup base, target and button nose wadcutter noses. Also, there are a few completely flat end punches, so that the die can be used as a pre-swage or core swage die making a cylinder of .357-inch diameter (to make lead .358's without a shoulder, using a point form die, or as cores for larger caliber jacketed bullets).

If you want a different nose or base shape, use the "note" to change it to one of those listed above. If you want the punches for those shapes in addition to the 3/4-E FB shapes, please order those punches using the "Punch-H" option listing as separate items.

3/4-e lead
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