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Jacket maker kit,, type -S
Jacket maker kit,, type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: JMK-1-S
Price: $3,450.00
Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
Main jacket caliber:
The JMK-1-S jacket maker kit turns 1-inch wide x .030-inch thick copper strip into .45 caliber pistol jackets of about 0.7 inch length, adjustable for shorter lengths with the included jacket trim die. It can also be ordered in a version that makes a .224 jacket using a .030 x 5/8-in wide copper strip. The .224 jacket can be redrawn to make sub-calibers.

Other smaller calibers can be drawn (and trimmed) using this cup as a starting point. Add a JRD-2-S jacket reducer die and an ET-2-S jacket trim die for each caliber. You can normally reduce the diameter 30% in one pass. To find the next smallest practical draw size, multiply the jacket diameter by 0.70. Less reduction means easier effort and a better draw. Reducing from 452 to 400 is an easier draw than from 452 to 375, for example.

The type -S press and jacket maker cannot draw jackets from strip thicker than .030-inches, nor wider than 1.0 inches. That means the diameter and length, which together with wall thickness define the volume of material required, are limited to pistol lengths in the larger diameters, and to no more than about .015-.020 inch wall thickness even with fairly short jackets. The smaller the caliber, the longer the jacket can be, but also the wall thickness will become thinner. Minimum practical jacket walls are about .010 inches.

For heavier walls, larger calibers, or longer jackets in combination with the other two parameters, the -H type jacket making kit is required. The power of the Hydro-press, or at least the Mega Mite press, is needed for making thicker or wider strip into disks, which can be drawn to make a higher volume cup.

The JMK-1-S set can be adapted to the -H type press, but the dies and punches are not designed for drawing longer and heavier jackets even if so adapted. However, if you purchase the CSP-1 hand press and JMK-1-S jacket maker, and later add a Hydro-Press, the same jackets can be made with less effort by adapting to the larger press. It just will not extend the capability or range to do so.

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