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FJFB-3-S 224 4-S
FJFB-3-S 224 4-S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: FJFB-3-S_22_4s
Price: $647.00
Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
Please Note: We only have 0 'FJFB-3-S 224 4-S' available now. You can adjust your order now, or try again later.
This is a 3-die set for making open tip .224 diameter bullets for such calibers as the .223, .222, .221, .220 Swift, 5.7mm and just about every other 22 caliber known to man except perhaps the .22 Hornet, .22 Savage HiPower, and .220 Russian.

The 4-S ogive is a somewhat shorter nose shape than the usual 6-S, but not so blunt as the round nosed 1-E ogive. It is a good compromise shape for higher BC but yet lighter or heavier weights than you can make with a longer nose.

The longer the ogive curve, the higher will be the minimum possible weight for the bullet. This is because just filling the ogive alone takes a certain volume, and you can't make an accurate bullet with the ogive empty. Shorter noses take less volume and therefore make lighter bullets possible.

The longer the ogive curve, the lower will be the maximum possible weight for the bullet. This is because there is a practical length limit for a bullet for any given firearm and rifling twist. If you make the ogive longer, you reduce the diameter over a longer distance, which holds less volume than if that distance were full diameter. Less volume means lower weight for the ogive portion of the bullet, and the full diameter shank can only be so long before it becomes impractical. The same overall length would hold more volume if the nose were made more "blunt".

So you can see that longer ogives may produce higher BC, but they limit both the maximum and the minimum weight for a given caliber.

The 4-S ogive retains fairly good BC compared to a round nose, but also allows for a short, light bullet, as well as a heavy weight, long bullet.

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