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HydroMite press
HydroMite  press Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CSP-1H
Price: $5,950.00
Shipping Weight: 200.00 pounds
Select power option:
115v 60hz (USA)
230v 60hz
  Optional Reloading Adapter Kit ($113)
The Corbin CSP-1H HydroMite hydraulic reloading and swaging press is highly recommended for jacket drawing operations, such as making fired 22 cases into 224 jackets. The press has a 4-inch stroke with 2-inch stroke limiter for swaging, and accepts the same -S dies as the CSP-1 hand press.

The simple, remote control pendant provides push-button operation. The press can be sandbagged and used for pyrotechnic round assembly. Adjustable pressure setting allows proper force for reloading, swaging, or drawing operations.

The press has been redesigned as a self-supporting floor model with precision pressure and speed control included. The precision control adds more exacting dial-controlled pressure setting, and wide range speed control, which greatly simplifies setup of small caliber swage dies with less danger of punch or die breakage.

Operates with 115 volt 60 hz separate power unit, equipped with quick-connect hoses. Noise level is very low, less than most household appliances, for evening and nighttime operation in a home business.

The press is shipped with 1-1/4 x 12 tpi head, fitted with a 7/8 x 14 tpi bushing to accept standard Corbin draw dies for bullets and jackets, as well as the FPH-1-S floating punch holder to hold external swage punches.

Optionally, you can order the Reloading Adapter Kit (RLA-1-S), which consists of the following:
  • CSP-1R Reloading Shell Holder Adapter, 5/8 x 24 tpi with T-slot for RCBS button shell holders and spent primer port.

  • CSP-1T Primer Catcher Tray, fits around shell holder adapter, catches spent primers. Lifts off to dump primers.

  • CSP-1B2 Reloading Bushing, adds clearance for shell holder and positions reloading die with additional headroom.

The system is shipped on a pallet by truck, freight collect.

The press can be configured in three ways:
  1. Bullet Swaging
    Stroke limiter in position (2-inch stroke), with standard CSP-1B1 7/8 x 14 tpi bushing. In this mode, type -S bullet swage dies operate as if they were in the manual S-press. This mode cannot be used for reloading, since the stroke is not long enough.

  2. Jacket Drawing
    Stroke limiter rod removed (4-inch stroke), with standard CSP-1B1 7/8 x 14 tpi bushing. In this mode, type -S jacket draw dies can be operated with enough range and clearance to push long jackets completely through the draw dies so the jackets strip off cleanly at the top. CAUTION: Do NOT use the reloading adapter in this configuration! It will crash into the threaded bushing and destroy it.

  3. Reloading (Optional Accessories Required)
    Stroke limiter removed (4-inch stroke), with optional CSP-1R reloading adapter and CSP-1T primer catcher tray installed, and (very important!) CSP-1B2 reloading adapter bushing replaces the regular CSP-1B1 7/8-14 adapter. This allows the shell holder to clear the threads in the press head, by fitting into a counterbore at the end of the stroke. In this mode, standard 7/8-14 reloading dies and the RCBS button type shell holders operate normally.

    Note: The CSP-1H cannot be shipped to E.U. member nations due to export/import regulations. We do not ship this product to the Middle East or Indonesia. It can be shipped to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America with some exceptions, and Philippines.

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