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Core Seating Die, type -S
Core Seating Die, type -S Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: CS-1-S
Price: $199.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds
Enter ONE bullet caliber (diameter) in inches:
Enter desired weight range in grains:
Select Lead or Jacketed:
Lead bullet
Jacketed bullet
Enter base style:
Flat base
Dish base
Cup base
BG base
Hollow base
Custom base
Describe custom base:
Select external punch (only for CS - core seat punch):
Open tip
Lead tip
Open tip hollow pt.
Lead tip hollow pt.
Select a SWC nose shape
Open Tip external punch diameter (if known, to fit jacket ID):
Enter optional nose shape description:
  Discover CS Punch diameter for my jacket/core combo ($25)
Sample jackets for fitting punch:
Yes, I AM sending 6 jackets
Use Corbin jackets, specified below
I sent 6 jackets before ordering.
I am NOT sending any jackets: just guess!
Corbin Jacket Cat.No. (if using our jackets):
Enter finished bullet weight to be made:
CS-1-S core seating die is ordered by caliber, with a suggestion as to the desired weight range. The external punch is ordered to fit a specific jacket wall at a desired depth, by diameter, for open tip bullets. For large lead tips, the external punch fits the bore of the die.

The internal punch can be flat, cup, dish, hollow or other desired shapes but typically it is flat for jacketed bullets.

Enter the punch diameter for open tip punches (where the punch must fit the ID of the jacket as some specific depth). The punch OD must match the jacket ID, which varies with different kinds of jackets, and with the depth to which you seat a core in tapered wall jackets.

For fitting the external punch to a specific jacket, we need six samples of the jacket and the bullet weight you want. The core seating punch has to fit snugly inside the jacket, and the jacket walls may taper toward the base. The jacket is smaller than the caliber itself and expands in core seating, so the punch diameter is not simply the ID of the jacket at the core length, but it is that AFTER the jacket expands to the die bore size. It is possible to get close "by the numbers" but those can vary with different brands and even different press runs of jackets. The only absolute way to guarantee a proper fit is to do the testing, seating several cores while adjusting the punch diameter, removing stuck jackets if the punch is too large, and reducing the punch, until a proper fit is discovered.

To do this work takes time, jackets, and cores, and may require re-making a punch or two. All of this is handled by the additional "Discovery" service IF you will send six sample jackets, or specify which Corbin jacket we should use, plus the weight of bullet you want to make. If you don't know the dimensions of the punch you need, and it has to fit into a specific jacket, the "Discovery" option takes care of it for you.

EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: We can ONLY ship to USA locations, Canada, or the UK at this time!
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