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Bullet Reducing Die, w/Guide Punch, Type -H
Bullet Reducing Die, w/Guide Punch, Type -H Quantity in Basket: None
Catalog No.: BRD-1-HC
Price: $349.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Bullet Base:
Flat Base
Rebated Boattail
Cup base
Hollow base
Original diameter:
Desired diameter:
Bullet construction:
Solid copper
BRD-1-HC bullet reducing die with spring-loaded guide punch is used for RBT and BT base bullets, as well as for faster operation with flat base bullets.

The punch is made with a guide bushing that fits around the punch, and is supported by a spring. The bullet is supported by the guide, which pushes back on the punch as the bullet enters the die. This avoids having to hold the bullet with your fingers, and makes loading bullets into the die much quicker. With BT or RBT base bullets the guide is shaped to match the bullet base (angle, and depth).

To make the dies for you, we will need six sample bullets to reduce, and the final diameter you would like. Different brands or styles of bullets may reduce to slightly different diameters in the same die. Therefore, while we can build the die using our bullets for testing, we can only guarantee the results if you use the same bullets.

The exception is lead bullets, which do not spring back like a jacketed bullets. We can make an accurate bullet reducing die for lead without having a specific bullet, unless the lead is a hard alloy (in which case, there may be some spring-back involved, so using the same bullet is again important).

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