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Ordering On-Line

When you order on-line, the information is NOT automatically used to charge your card. Corbin's Secure Webstore has NO automated processing connections. The information you enter is encrypted with a 128-bit key and stored within another 128-bit encrypted database, which is downloaded on business days, then decrypted. The order is studied to make sure it is valid, that there are no emails or other messages pending from you that might change or cancel the order, and that the items you ordered make logical sense.

Only after downloading and reading the information to assure that it seems valid, will the order actually be typed into the separate, non-web connected order system computer. If your order can be shipped at that time, the card will be manually entered in a secure terminal connected directly to the bank card processing center (not over the web). If your order cannot be shipped yet, it is entered in the queue and the card is NOT processed until shipment can be made.

Corbin swaging dies and presses are in such demand that it can be anywhere from 30 days to 18 months before a given set of tools is ready to ship. We do not charge for any standard dies and tools that are further than a few days away from shipment, unless requested to do so (sometimes agencies need to use allocated funding before a specific date, or currency exchange rates may be favorable to an early payment).

The bottom line is that you don't need to worry about making a mistake in ordering. If you get something wrong, you can just email, call, fax, or write and we'll fix it. Your card will not be charged until the items are ready to go, except for special custom jobs or rush overtime orders (and these need to be discussed in advance, in any case). It usually takes a day or two to download and process most of the orders. If you think you made an error, just email and let us know. Even if you think you got it right, if it seems unusual to us, we'll email you and ask about it. If you order ten Hydro-Presses and no dies, we might hope that's a good order, but we'd suspect you hit the wrong key and don't really want nearly $80,000 in presses. If you order a set of dies for making lead semi-wadcutter bullets but indicate on the "note" section you want to make jacketed bullets, that would raise a question. In short, we don't want to make dies that you didn't intend to order, or make the wrong dies for the kind of bullet you need, and will make sure you meant what you entered.
Common Mistakes to Avoid

Some common errors are selecting the wrong kind of shipping for your area, or not realizing that there are drop-down options on both the shipping method and on the payment method screens. On the payment method page, the default method in the selection box is "Check" which means you would like to send a check. We'd just hold the order until your check arrives. But if you want to provide a bank card instead, click the little arrow symbol at the right edge of that entry box. A list or menu of other choices will drop down. Click the one you want. When you select a bank card method, the next information will change to present a box for the card number and expiration date. These input boxes are not present until you select the "VISA" or "MasterCard" method of payment. If the box still says "check", the "check no." box isn't large enough to hold a 16 digit card plus expiration date!

On the shipping method page, the default method is shown, but again, that box has a little down arrow at the right edge. Click it to see a list of other shipping methods, but make sure that you select an appropriate one. If you select "1st class mail" and your item weighs more than 14 ounces, we can't do that. We'd have to use Priority Mail instead. If you select "UPS Domestic" and you are located in France, the rate will NOT be for shipping in the USA! It will have to be the International UPS rate. The web software will accept what you enter, and if possible, we'll try to use it. But there are some obviously impossible combinations. Please read and give it a moment's thought before selecting a shipping method.

Also, there are some items which must go by air freight (international) or by truck (domestic). The 350-lb Hydro-Press or the Mega-Mite Press on a floor stand would be too large for any post office shipments, for instance. If you select priority mail, we'll just have to ignore that and use what works instead. Likewise, if you select "Canada UPS" and you are in England, sorry, but UPS won't charge Canadian rates for overseas shipments. It won't make any difference to processing your order, except the total price will be different when you include actual shipping instead of fantasy shipping!

Also, the shipping calculations are based on a minimum rate plus a weight calculation. But shipping rules and rates change frequently,and may also have size or volume limits, value per package limits for insurance, etc. We will work out the best combination that provides about the same delivery speed as whatever you selected, but is possible within the laws and regulations for your country or for the post office rules. This might be more or less than the calculated shipping. For instance, if we can get your order into one of the Flat Rate sizes of post office cartons, and it does not exceed the weight or the insurance value limit for that box, we might be able to ship for less than using standard Priority mail. Lead wire or bullet jackets are dense and can put a lot of weight into a small volume. Foreign shipments even for flat rate are limited to 20 lb cartons, however. Domestic shipments have a 70 lb limit. But the size of box dictates that we can only send one roll of lead wire in a standard flat rate box, or two rolls in a large flat rate box.

Be sure that your e-mail is correct. Some folks put in an incomplete address, and then we can't use it to notify you of shipment or to send the invoice summary automatically. If you don't get an emailed invoice after ordering, within a few minutes, then your email was probably not entered correctly. There is no "www." in an email, for instance. The ".com" or ".net" needs to be there. You can't put spaces anywhere in the address (but some emails have extra dots or underlines). You should ALWAYS receive an automatic confirmation right away, by email, if your email address is correctly entered. If you have any doubt about the order being recorded, send an email and ask, giving the same name and shipping address that you used in the on-line order. (If you just email "My name is Joe and I wonder if you got my order today?" it's pretty tough to find among several hundred others!)

Because of the high volume of orders received every day, we have to rely on the automatic confirmation to affirm your order was received. But if you email to ask, we'll look it up and reply manually. There is no need to do this if you got the automatic confirmation (thank goodness, or else we'd never get any dies made for answering emails!). If you got that copy of your order by email, we got your order!

Sending the 3 digit security code:
For extra security, we don't ask for your VCC2 number on line. (This is the set of 3 digits found on the back of your card, over the signature area...usually, the last four numbers of your account are reprinted first, followed by these three new numbers). Instead, we ask that you send us a separate e-mail, with just your name and the 3 digit number. This is completely useless to anyone else, but helps insure that your card really belongs to you and that your order is valid. We put your e-mail together with your order, and when your order is ready, we put the card through with the VCC2 number.

If for any reason you don't want to send the VCC2 number, we'll try to process your card without it. Some bank card issuers (your bank) may require the number for security, while others may not. If your bank won't accept the card without the security code, we'll contact you and see if you want to provide the number or talk to your bank about it. We would just as soon not have to ask for it, but it may be required by some banks. It is most often required for orders that come from other countries -- not by us, but by the issuing bank.

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